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SAOL.net is about the "Structured Audio Orchestra language" (SAOL), which is a part of the new upcoming MPEG-4 standard. Structured Audio describes a set of tools that will be the next standard for " computer music, audio for gaming, streaming Internet music/sound, and other multimedia applications".

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April 24, 2002
SNet update
SNet 1.21 .EXE patch released. Pick up SNet 1.21 here.
This patch includes:
- Expiredate removed.
- Registercheck removed.

If you struggle with some strange SNet crashes you might want to check your regonal Settings in Windows. It happend to be a major problem for SNet if the decimal symbol is set to ',' instead of '.'
To change your decimal symbol: - ControlPanel - Regional Options - Numbers - Decimal symbol (Should be '.' (without quote's) )

This will be the last update for some time :-(

August 3, 2001
Sfront update
Sfront 0.73 released. Pick up sfront 0.71 at John Lazzaro's website.

May 9, 2001
MP-4-SA files problems
Some people have problems with downloading the mp4 files from the frontpage. Just rename them to .mp4 and they will work fine.

April 20, 2001
SPlay 1.0b Release
Yes we know, we promised you guys this player about 3 months ago :-). But now the first version is finally ready. Download SPlay our MP4-SA player here and listen to some examples from the frontpage. The extreme compression will stun you. Questions/problems/bugs concerning SPlay? Post it on the saol.net forum.

April 20, 2001
SNet 1.2b Release
Download your new Snet version here

March 24, 2001
JSNet 0.10 Release
JSNet is a structured audio tool developed by I Pavlosoglou. It allows the implementation and rendering (into sound files) of any two given score and orchestra files. The operation of JSNet is platform independent and does not require the user to have detailed knowledge of programming in order to use the package. Visit the website here.

March 7, 2001
SNet 1.1b update
SNet 1.1b full install is avaible in the download section.

February 23, 2001
In case you didn't know yet...
The MPEG-4 reference software is available from ISO/IEC. Look for 14496-5.
GMV Network Announces Success in Protecting MP4 Label From Trademark Opportunists.

February 20, 2001
Sfront update
Sfront 0.70 released. Pick up sfront 0.70 at John Lazzaro's website.

January 7, 2001
Multimedia Presentation about Structured Audio
Professor John Wawrzynek presented a 90-minute introductory talk about Structured Audio at the Berkeley Mulitmedia, Interface, and Graphics Seminar. Click here to see an interactive media presentation of the talk.

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